Healing Fairies Centre welcomes the New Tourist  Season 2016,  offering all Treatments and Services in 25% discount.

Starting 1st  May until 30th September 2016, for five whole months, you have the chance to take advantage of these big offers.

  • Aromatherapy: facial, body, mind & soul treatments
  • Healing: Angelic Reiki, Quantum Touch, Aura & Chakras Cleansing
  • Massageaurs9804700041
  • Non-Surgical Lift: HF Face Lift & HF Face Fitness
  • Baby Yoga & Baby Massage
  • Bio – Individual Cosmetics & Tinctures (only for your needs-for holistic therapy)
  • Personal Diet Suggestions
  • Spine & Body Fitness Programme
  • HFFLiftTraditional Greek & Cyprus Dance Lessons

spine fit