Face liftNon-Surgical Face Lift – HFF Lift is a revitalizing treatment for the skin, facial muscles, neck and decolletage. It combines aromatherapy, shiatsu and massage. The face is rejuvenated from the very first session, as if you had a real face lift.

The HFFL techniques work deep into the muscles and fascia so that:

  • The production of collagen and hyaluronic acid is increased and accelerated
  • Small lines and scar are eliminated and deeper ones are smoothed out
  • Micro-circulation is improved, bringing vital nutrients, water and oxygen to the cells
  • Tension is removed from the head, facial muscles, neck, chest and shoulders.
  • Skin tissue elasticity is immediately restored
  • Toxins are removed from the epidermis and fascia giving a glowing appearance to the skin

For  Healthy and  Youthful Skin,  Exclusively at Healing Fairies Centre.

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