IMGP7926Healing Fairies Centre offers its services to keep you and your family, healthy and beautiful…for ever! , The treatments and services we exclusively use to give, will convince  you from the very first time. The combination of the  expertise with pure essential oils and bio-herbal products will impress you.

Treat your body, mind and soul n a wonderful, tranquil space with stunning views. Choose a treat or a service from the following list and give us a call.

  • Aromatherapy: facial, body, mind & soul treatments
  • Healing: Angelic Reiki, Quantum Touch, Aura & Chakras Cleansing
  • F. Face Lift & H. F. Face Fitness: Two, Non-Surgical Face Lifts. Exclusively at Healing Fairies Centre
  1. F. Face Lift: A revitalizing treatment for the skin, facial muscles, neck and décolletage. It combines aromatherapy, crystals, shiatsu and massage. The face is rejuvenated from the very first session, as if you had a real face lift.
  2. F. Face Fitness: An amazing gift for yourself. An individual workshop including 60 firming-lifting exercises for neck and facial muscles. To better serve our customers, we split the workshop in five parts; each part dealing with a different part of the face and neck anatomy: Forehead, Eye Area, Cheeks, Lips and Mouth area, Neck and Chin.
  • Massage: Therapeutic, Indian Head & Body, Sport, Hot Stone, Wine, Aromatherapy, Relaxing, Anti cellulite
  • Baby Massage & Baby Yoga: Improves the circulatory system, sleep & coordination; stimulates digestive system; enhances brain, growth & weight gain; strengthens all muscles groups; encourages harmony & peace
  • Bio Individual Cosmetics & Tinctures (only for your needs-for holistic therapy)
  • Personal Diet Suggestions
  • Spine & Body Fitness: A very special fitness programmes for Spine and Body. It improves spine diseases , strengthens and shapes all muscles groups, increases elasticity,  removes toxins, relax neck, shoulders, body and mind, provides happiness, enhances overall health. A professional therapist is teaching the class, for groups or individuals.

A special version of the programme, created for children, is also available

  • Traditional Greek & Cyprus Dance Lessons: An intensive, sixty minute daily training programme for visitors, tourists and anyone else interested in learning the most popular Greek & Cypriot dances, such as Syrtaki, Hasapiko, Sousta, Zeimpekiko, Mpalos-Syrtos etc. Mrs Stavroula Loizou, is teaching the classes. She is a Traditional Dance Teacher, CID (International Dance Council) and DOLT (Traditional Art’s International Group) member.

The programme is open for both adults and children.

Special prices for families

call: 26321398, 99408653