Healing Fairies Holistic Therapies Centre offers its services to keep you and your family, healthy and beautiful…forever! Our exclusive treatments and services will convince you from the very first time. The combination of our expertise with pure essential oils and bio-herbal products will impress you.

Treat your body, mind and soul in a wonderful, tranquil space with stunning views. Choose a treatment or a service from the following list and give us a call.

Aromatherapy: for body, mind & soul

Two-Non Surgical Face Lifts. Exclusively at Healing Fairies Holistic Therapies Centre

α) H.F. Face Lift

A revitalizing treatment for the skin, facial muscles, neck and decolletage. It combines aromatherapy, crystals, shiatsu and massage. The face is rejuvenated from the very first session, as if you had a real face lift.

 b) H.F.F. Fitness

A unique, personal workshop. An amazing gift for yourself. For all of you who desire to improve and maintain your health and beauty in an entirely natural and affordable manner, without chemical substances, pain or surgery.

Healing: Angelic Reiki; Quantum Touch; Aura & Chakras Cleansing; Meditation; Sahaja yoga

Massage: Therapeutic; Indian Head & Body; Sport; Hot Stone; Wine; Aromatherapy; Relaxing; Ant cellulite

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga: Improves the circulatory system, sleep & coordination; stimulates digestive system; enhances brain,

growth & weight gain; strengthens all muscles groups; encourages harmony & peace

Bio Individual Cosmetics & Tinctures (only for your needs-for holistic therapy)

 Spine & Body Fitness

Traditional Greek & Cyprus Dance Lessons


  •  Herbs and Essential Oils from Cyprus
  • Essential Oils for Plants and Animals
  • Perimenopause – Menopause and Essential Oils
  • Baby Massage a) for parents b) for professional therapists
  • H.F. Lift
  • Massage
  • The family’s pharmacy with essential oils
  • Mediterranean Kitchen

 Personal Diet Suggestions

 Special prices for families

call: 99408653, 26321398, 25331899